W 2’s Now Available

Your W2 is now available to view/print in the employee portal.  Go to Employee Portal, enter your login and password.  Place your cursor over “Pay/Tax Information”, a drop-down box will appear.  Click on “Employee W2 and 1095c”.  This will bring you to a new page, you will need to enter your last four digits of your SSN, click on the blue highlighted area: “Click here for your W2 wages and tax statement”.  Once downloaded, a box will appear at the bottom of your screen.  You can save the form to a file or open and print. 
If you have chosen your W2 form to be mailed, you should expect to receive it before 1/31/2021.
If you have any questions, please e-mail

PLEASE READ:  Important info about your W2/1095-C forms

  1. 1095-C forms are not ready.  The Benefits team will inform you when they are ready.  The IRS deadline for 1095-C forms is March 2nd, 2021.
  1. Your W2 reflects your TAXABLE INCOME, not your salaryTAXABLE INCOME is equal to your Gross pay – Medical, Dental, Flexible Spending, TRS/IMRF, 403b/457 (not Roth), Group Term Life employee deductions.  If you have any of these deductions on your check, your W2 will show the reduced amount.
  1. Your W2 reflects income beginning in January and ending in December of one year.  Our School year reflects salary statements beginning July and ending in June.  This means that your W2 is reflecting income from half of one school year, and half of another school year. 

If you are having trouble opening your W2 from a home computer, try switching the browser.