1-15 Update

With the announcement of the return to school for staff and students of the district, please remember that information is continually changing and what is put out today is the most up to date information, as of this writing. With the uncertainty of positivity levels, potential cases of covid in the community and in the buildings, things are likely to change, and usually at a moments notice. Please have some patience and grace with those who are trying their best to make this as smooth of a transition as possible. We know that everyone will not agree. Whether you are on the side of getting back to school or the side of keeping everyone remote please keep your correspondence with PASS and our district civil as we move forward
Below please find a link for the power point of Dr. Abrell’s announcement of a return to school plan. 

https://www.psd202.org/documents/1610421843.pdf (if this link is not working, please copy and paste)

Here is what we know for PASS employees 
Students will return in waves. 

Working remote will not be an OPTION once students return. FMLA is an option for those who have a medical condition that falls under FMLA law. COVID will be an FMLA reason if you yourself have covid and have to quarantine, or if you have to take care of a family member who has covid. This is not the same as caring for someone who falls into the high risk category and is at risk for getting covid, which does not have an option under FMLA. If you have a medical condition which prevents you from working in the building, please reach out to Becky Sipes. 

There is no longer a provision for FMLA for child care. This expired on 12/31/20 when our federal government chose not to extend the FFCRA. 

Zoom Room 

The district is exploring the possibility of a Zoom Room for children of employees that attend school in District 202. This would allow the staff from each building a benefit of bringing their child to work with them. Administration at each of the buildings will be reaching out an assessing the need at each location. Some preliminary guidelines are: 
Who can bring their child to work with them: 

  1. Any staff member from your building, whose child is enrolled in a PSD 202 school. 
  2. They will bring their child only on the two days a week, their child is doing remote learning.  There is no zoom room on Wednesday.  It might be four days a week, depending when their child’s grade level is back in the building.  Ex. If I teach 6th grade and I have a 5th grade child, I would have to bring my child 4 days a week, until the 5th graders go back to the building. 


  1. Has to attend a PSD 202 school 
  2. Has to be a school aged, independent, self-sufficient learner, up to 8th grade. 
  3. A school aged self-sufficient learner, is one who can work independently work on their remote learning. 

Staff will return as the students they directly service return to school. If you service multi needs students, you would be the first group to return on January 25th. While the students may be on a SIP day/hybrid schedule (2 days in person, 3 days remote), staff will be in the buildings Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Wednesday is a remote learning day for everyone. Employees may work at home on Wednesday if their job duties allow. As it is a shortened day in person for the students, they may still be remote the other portion of the day. There may be some flexibility for afternoon hours. You should be receiving information directly from the administration in your building outlining what day and what times you are expected to be back in the building. 
The district had allowed those that were able to work from home without using the FFCRA leave since all of our students were remote (through 1/15). Now that students are scheduled to return employees are expected to return also. We do know that there will be quite a few students who will still be remote. We have preliminarily discussed this with the district and will continue to work together to figure out staffing for this. If accommodations are made, they will be on a case by case basis. 
Office Staff – Secretaries/Clerks/Registrars/Bookkeepers/Nurses 

On January 25th, once students return to school, all office staff, Secretaries, Clerks, Media Clerks and Nurses will be expected to return to work full time in the building for the entire day.
The district has been in contact with the Will County Health Department in order to assess how many employees would potentially want to receive the vaccine when able. School staff 
(includes all employees, not just teachers) would be eligible to receive the vaccine when they are ready to distribute to Category 1b. There are no further details as to dates and times for distribution. Please keep checking your district email for more information to come. 

Employee Handbook
Thomas HernandezThu 1/14/2021 9:37 AMTo: 

  •  District 202 Employees

We have updated the Covid-19 Handbook for staff that is posted on the front page of the District 202 Intranet. Please take a minute to review the highlighted updates for the most current info and details as it applies to us and our work.

District 202 COVID 19 Staff Handbook (updated January 13, 2021)
(if this link is not working please copy and paste)
Tom Hernandez
Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202
Director of Community Relations
FOIA Officer
(815) 577-4008 (desk)
(815) 514-5409 (cell)


As always, I preface my emails by stating that things are constantly changing and this is the information we have as I send it out. It can, and does, always change. 
JoAnne Clemans
President, PASS
Special Ed. Paraprofessional
Plainfield Academy
23930 W. Lockport St.
Plainfield, IL 60544