Happy Holiday Update


As 2020 comes to a close, we on the PASS Executive Board would like to thank everyone for their continued flexibility and understanding in this unprecedented time in our lives. So much has happened since January that no one could have even dreamed. With COVID and all the changes that it has brought to our lives (masks, social distancing, hand washing, online teaching and learning), we have come together with the district administration to tackle the issues head on. We formed a Safety Committee, along with APT and the district, to discuss the issues of cleaning and sanitizing buildings, what the return to school might look like, and ways to keep everyone as safe as possible in our buildings. No small feat for our custodial and maintenance departments, along with help from our Campus Monitors and Lunchroom Supervisors, who scrubbed and wiped, changed air filters, put down stickers on the floors, moved boxes, filled bottles of sanitizer, and so much more. 

To say the scope of how we work this year has changed, is an understatement. Our Paraprofessionals and Media Clerks have had to learn a completely new way of reaching our students. From training on how to navigate Zoom and Google Classroom to professional development on Microsoft Office, our members have taken the challenge and met it head on. 

The secretaries, office clerks, registrars and nurses in all our buildings have also had many challenges in their work. Registering every student online, fielding many phone calls of frustrated parents, finding new ways to complete all the paperwork that comes with running a school and keeping track of student health has been daunting this year. They have done it all with patience and kindness.

Lastly, a shout out to all the guys working the grounds who continue to keep our buildings looking great on the outside. Though your jobs haven’t changed much this year, we appreciate your hard work.

Happy Holidays to all of PASS! Here’s hoping that 2021 is a kinder, gentler year for everyone and we can hopefully find some peace and joy in the coming months. 


JoAnne Clemans, Bill Favero, Troy Vacherlon, Juanita Samms, Jen Peil, and Stephanie Jerabek

Reminder for Paraprofessionals/Campus Monitors/Lunchroom Supervisors: 

Friday, December 18th is a regular work day for any employee working with students. It will be a normal synchronous day of teaching and learning. There are no office hour or planned collaboration time on this day. This will allow the employees to use the time to catch up on any work related items.

Usually, the last day of attendance before winter break is a school improvement day because the semester usually ends on that day. Because of the late start to the school year for students, the semester ends on January 15th and that day will be a school improvement day.

Reminder for Secretary A, B, C:

December 21st is a work day for those PASS employees with the attached work calendar. Please also see the email from Angela Van below. Because the federal government made November 2nd, Election Day, a federal holiday, the district had to add a day the work calendar. 

2020-2021 WORK SCHEDULE: Twelve Month Secretary/Bookkeeper 237 Work Days and 11 Paid Holidays

Category A, Secretary: Sec to Principal
Category B, Secretary: Sec to Assistant Principal-MS, Registrar
Category C, Secretary: Sec for District Transportation Services, Sec for Athletic Office-HS Category D, Bookkeeper: Bookkeeper II

From: Angela Van <avan@psd202.org>
Sent: Monday, December 14, 2020 8:38 AM
To: Principals & Assistant Principals <Principals&AssistantPrincipals@psd202.org>
Cc: Scott Fink <SFINK@psd202.org>; Shannon Miller <smiller@psd202.org>; Craig Brown <cabrown@psd202.org>; Jennifer Orlos <Jorlos@psd202.org>
Subject: 12-Mo Secretary Schedule

Good morning:

Just a reminder that your secretarial staff on the attached calendar are scheduled to work next Monday, Dec. 21.  There wasn’t a place on the calendar to add another day so their winter break begins Dec. 22.

Please make sure that they are aware of this.



JoAnne Clemans

President, PASS

Special Ed. Paraprofessional

Plainfield Academy

23930 W. Lockport St.

Plainfield, IL 60544