10/2 Update

Last week everyone received a survey from the District Office regarding the return to remote teaching from the buildings. If you have not already filled out this survey, please email Jennifer Orlos, Assistant Superintendent, and give her the following information: 
Returning in person (Yes/No)  
(If no, do you need ADA accommodations because of a medical condition or do you need information regarding child care issues?) 
The purpose of the survey is to identify three things: 

  • Are you able to return to the building starting Oct. 15th
  • Will you need information related to creating an ADA plan? 
  • Will you need information related to FFCRA because your son/daughter’s school/child care is closed? (Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”), enacted on March 18, 2020) 

The Administration and Personnel Department has begun the process to determine which employees fall into which category. This will assist with organizing the staffing for each building, if/when students return to the building. Us gathering this information now will assist with planning for any potential changes to the remote teaching/learning plan.   
Please be aware that the start date for employees to work in their buildings is October 15th
Return to In Person Learning 
October 26th is the target date for some special education students to return for in-person learning. Those who will be working with this group of students have received an email from Mina Griffith, Asst. Superintendent of Student Services outlining how the return may look.  
Please see the attached Return to In Person (Phase 1 Multi Needs Students) document. This document has information on the draft schedule and safety information. 
All staff and students are required to wear face masks. In the school setting, face coverings must be worn by everyone except children younger than 2 years old, people with physical or intellectual disabilities who are unable to remove a face covering without assistance, and on rare occasions, individuals with severe breathing problems.  
The first SIP day is Monday, Oct. 19th. Teachers are only responsible to deliver the remote instruction. All Staff will not have any administrative assigned meetings/work from 8-9am and no office hours at the end of the day.   
**Please note, paraprofessionals are only paid for a 5-hour day.  Therefore, they have no obligation from 8-9 or after 2PM.** 
N 95 Masks for Nurses and Custodians 
N95 masks will be offered to Nurses and Custodians only at this point. There will be a survey sent to both categories asking if they would like an N95 mask for work. If the answer is “yes” a time to be fit tested will be set up so the proper size mask is issued. After that is completed there will be a second survey sent to select special education paraprofessionals and special education teachers to determine if there is a need for N95 masks. The district will determine who is surveyed. 
Microsoft Office Training 
We had a huge response to our free Microsoft Office trainings! I am very happy to see so many taking advantage of this opportunity! We filled well over 500 slots for classes in Microsoft Word, Exel and PowerPoint! 
Hopefully anyone who signed up has their date and time written in their calendar. If, for some reason, you have forgotten your date/time to attend a session, please reach out to your administrator. They were sent a list of employees who registered for classes. 
As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to either me at jlclemanspass202@gmail.com or Bill Favero at pass2022017@gmail.com 


JoAnne Clemans
President, PASS
Special Ed. Paraprofessional
Plainfield Academy
23930 W. Lockport St.
Plainfield, IL 60544