9/18 Update

Please read the following thoroughly as this information is very important to helping the District plan.
Transitioning Back to School 
    Next week, Tuesday, you will receive a staff survey from the Administration and Personnel Department.  
(If your category is not on the drop down list, you do not have to answer the survey) The District will be asking all staff to report back to their buildings beginning on October 13th to continue with the current remote learning schedule.  The reason for the transition is to begin the process of preparing for students’ return to in-person learning.  We are seeing this occur in neighboring districts such as 203 and 204 (Naperville).  PASS has been working with District Office and APT to make sure all safety precautions and PPE are in place before we return.  Many of you have already been working in the buildings and I hope you have seen custodians cleaning, masks being worn, social distancing being practiced and other necessary protocols in place. 

If you are unable to return to the building due to medical or childcare reasons, you will need to contact Rebecca Sipes for FMLA paperwork.  Once you submit the paperwork, the district will seek to provide accommodations. If accommodations to work in a building cannot be made for you to return safely, you may be allowed to continue to work from home. 

Information will be provided to staff and parents explaining what the student day will look like and what your schedule will include before each group commits to in-person learning. 

Before your grade level or program (SPED, ELL, etc.) return to in-person learning, you will have all the information regarding teaching schedules, daily bell schedule or grade level schedule, building protocols and other necessary information to make an informed decision.  At that time, you will be asked to again submit or reinstate your FMLA leave request if you are unable to work in the building with students due to medical or childcare reasons.  Once your paperwork is received, the district will seek to accommodate your needs.  If there is a need for remote parapros and this is an accommodation that would allow you to continue your position, you may be placed as a remote parapro and removed from FMLA.  
If there is no need for a remote parapro due to student numbers, you may be placed on FMLA and begin using your sick days in some capacity.  These decisions will become clearer after students and staff have expressed their decisions regarding return to in-person learning.  This is when we will determine if the numbers match up and we will have remote positions available for those that need to continue their positions with this accommodation.  This will be an involved process and you may not receive an immediate answer regarding your exact position. 
As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to either me at jlclemanspass202@gmail.com or Bill Favero at pass2022017@gmail.com 

JoAnne Clemans
President, PASS
Special Ed. Paraprofessional
Plainfield Academy
23930 W. Lockport St.
Plainfield, IL 60544