Monday, August 31st will be the first day of remote attendance for the students of PSD 202. I am sure there will be lots of success in figuring out the day. I also anticipate that there will be some confusion. Please have patience with your teachers and administrators and yourselves as we are all trying to figure this out together. 
Disinfectant in Classroom/Common Area 
Each classroom has been given a bottle of disinfectant to be used throughout the day and prior to leaving. This product needs to sit on the surface being disinfected for 5 minutes. Please spray the desk area and chair where you were sitting during the day prior to leaving. DO NOT WIPE. This should be left to air dry. If you need to use the area again, you may wipe any wet areas after 5 minutes. This applies to shared items (phones, staplers, copiers, keyboards, etc.) 
I know there has been some confusion about working from home and the ability to take a laptop home. The expectation was that parapros were working in the buildings the week of August 17th. There was to have been a point person there to make sure the paras knew how to upload their computers, begin the training and be available to ask questions or troubleshoot issues. The training for Google Classroom, Zoom, and others was to be done over the course of the week, or longer if someone needed the time. There would be no way anyone would be able to do all the training in one day and say they are comfortable doing all of it. If so, I would ask that you re-do the training with another window open or a second computer to actually do the lesson together with the presenter. We are trying to put together a live training similar to the video, so that people can do it together and be able to ask questions. We may also have a live training on Google 101, Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint. More info on this to come.  
There should also have been some time Wednesday or Thursday to collaborate with the teacher you are assigned. If this did not happen, please reach out to that teacher via email to set up some collaboration time. It is expected that your teacher will collaborate with you to determine how you can best support students in their classroom. If you are having difficulty reaching your assigned teacher, please reach out to your administration immediately. We do expect paras to be in the building on the 31st unless prior accommodations have been made with your administrator or Becky Sipes. 
You are allowed to take your computer home as long as you have filled out the user agreement from the district. 
The following email was sent out by Mina Griffith to all building administrators: 
From: Mina Griffith <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2020 9:22 AM
As we discussed last week, building admin. were asked to reach out to building paraprofessionals to see how their first week went, and what more supports they need.  
Plan for working with the teacher 
There has to be an expectation the paraprofessional and teacher create a plan to collaborate daily. The week of August 31st may look different than the following weeks since parapros can finish their trainings that week.  However, they should still be involved in Remote Learning with the teacher that week, they just may not have completed all of the trainings yet.  The teacher should make sure the parapro is invited to each Google classroom and knows how to get in.  
Work Day 
The paraprofessionals have the same work day as the teacher.  Please note, the paraprofessional’s schedule should have a defined two 15 minutes breaks and a 30 min lunch.  The goal is by at least the week after Labor Day the paraprofessionals are independently working with their cooperating teacher on a regular basis, and administration is monitoring the classroom where the paraprofessional is supporting.  
Work Remotely from Home 
Building administration should work with any paraprofessional who cannot work in the building.  The paraprofessional and the building administration should create a plan for these situations.  If they need to work from home they need to work with the building administrator and potentially Becky Sipes/A&P.  Building administration can approve a parapro to work from home.  They only need to contact Becky Sipes, if a flexible plan cannot be created, which allows the options for them to work at home. 
All buildings have received a laptop carts for parapros.  Each parapro is allowed to check out a computer to use for Remote Learning.  The computer may be taken home if the parapro is working remotely from home.  If they do not want to check out a computer to bring home, we ask that they are assigned the same computer each day.  Parapros must complete the Acceptable use agreement via the Google Form link below in order to check out a computer. 
As we discussed last week, building admin. Should meet with each parapro to get a good understanding about how they are doing and how you can assist them.  Please use the questions below as a guide for your discussion.  

  1. Did you have any difficulty logging into the Google Classroom for parapros?  
  2. What training(s) have you taken so far? 
  3. Have they reached out to each of their cooperating teacher (or vice versa, did the teacher reach out to them)? 
    1. If the answer to #3 is “No”, what is the plan to make this happen?  (After tomorrow the paraprofessionals are off work, until the 31st of Aug.) 
  4. Do they have a plan and understand their role the week of Aug. 31st.  
    1. Are they ready to execute this plan or are they requesting more training.  
    2. If they need more training, hopefully the point person can assist anyone who has specific questions.  Please be patient with this group, it is all new material for them.  They want to be successful, but some may need a little more help. 
  5. Do they have a lap top, assigned to them.  Yes, they can take it home if they want to.  
    1. Yes, they have the option to work from home, like the attached guidance document outlines.  We have to treat both unions with the same opportunity. 
    2. For those working from home, how are you monitoring their day to day work flow?  Very similar to how are you monitoring the teacher’s work day? 

Have a great week! 
Mina Griffith 
Assistant Superintendent for Student Services 
Plainfield CCSD 202 

As stated above, PASS members are asked to work with their administrator in their building to determine if there is a flexible plan for working, whether it be in the building or remotely from home. If, after working with your administrator, you cannot come up with a flexible plan that enables you to do the essential function of your job due to child care or medial issues, you will be asked to contact Rebecca Sipes to guide you through the process.  

If you feel any of the above is not happening in your building, please reach out to us and we will work it out. 

Safety Committee
The Safety Committee met on Monday, August 24th.  

  • All buildings have received their electrostatic sprayers in order to disinfect all rooms. 
  • Custodians received KN95 masks, face shields, goggles and gloves. 
  • White reusable face masks have been delivered to each building. There is at least one mask for every employee in each building. 
  • Partitions for front offices have been delivered. Please let us know if you are having any issues with the size of what was delivered to you. 
  • Hand sanitizer coming soon. There will be a 1 gallon bottle per classroom along with a large tote to refill individual bottles from. 
  • Signage for walls and floors has been ordered 
  • There will be videos posted on the intranet regarding the electrostatic sprayer and the bottles of Oxivir that are in each classroom 

Work Calendar/Work Statements 
The amended school calendar was approved at the August 17th Board of Ed meeting. It does include August 24th through August 28th as a non-work week for some categories. Because students are not starting until August 31st, we will be utilizing the 5 emergency days at the end of the year to make up for the late start. This will put the last day of school on June 4th
*Please see your work calendar on the district portal or intranet for your start date. 
Angela Van 
Wed 8/19/2020 3:49 PM 
To: District 202 Employees 
The employee work calendars have been amended and can be viewed on the Employee Portal and the Intranet. 
Please note that all calendars are updated.  

Key Changes: 

  • Next week is a non-work week for most staff but not all.   PLEASE REVIEW YOUR CALENDAR FOR THIS INFORMATION.   
  • November 3, Election Day, is a non-work day for all staff.   
  • The end of the school year has been moved to June 4. 
Logon for Employee Portal from District Website:

Staff/Employee Portal/Self Service/Work Calendars

Logon to Employee Intranet from District Website:

Staff/Employee Intranet/FormsDownloads/Work Calendars

Angie Van
Coordinator for Administration & Personnel 


Pay Period 

Today, August 21st is the first pay period of the 2020-2021 school year for our 9-month employees. Also, if you are a dues paying member of PASS, dues will begin being deducted from your check on October 2nd.

Dues are as follows: 

FULL-TIME  $24.08  All full-time employees. 
THREE QUARTER  $20.67  Employees working 6 hours a day. 
PART-TIME  $14.38  Employees working 2½ or more a day but less than 6. 
QUARTER-TIME  $9.47  Employees working less than 2 ½ hours a day. 

If you have any concerns or questions about your paycheck please contact

It is highly encouraged that PASS employees are working in their respective buildings.  
*If you have a medical condition with doctor verification that prevents you from working in a building, please reach out to Becky Sipes. I would also appreciate it if you would let me know as I can then reach out to Ann Bachman-McIntosh, our IEA Uniserv Director, and we can potentiallycome up with an ADA plan to make accommodations for you. You also may be able to take FMLA or unpaid leave. The district will work with individuals on a case by case basis. 
*If you have child care issues and your child’s school is closed to in-person learning, also reach out to Becky Sipes.  
YMCA Program 
The YMCA will be in our four high schools beginning August 31st for daycare for our staff and community families. This will be a self-contained program and will be confined to one area of the building. There should be no interaction with PSD staff. They have their own protocols for any student enrolled in the program.  
Per their flyer: 
“all Kid Zone PLUS participants and staff will be required to adhere to strict health and safety guidelines, including: 
• Daily health screenings and temperature checks  
• Mask requirements  
• Frequent handwashing 
The Y will also ensure high-touch areas are sanitized hourly. 
Together with the district administration, we will continue to work collaboratively with all levels in the district.  

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to either me at or Bill Favero at 

JoAnne Clemans
President, PASS
Special Ed. Paraprofessional
Plainfield Academy
23930 W. Lockport St.
Plainfield, IL 60544