8/7 Update

As the plans for the start of school year continue to evolve, PASS continues to work closely with district administration to get concrete information for our members. I would like to start with an email sent to us by Jennifer Orlos, Assistant Superintendent. 

Good Afternoon Bill and Joanne, 
What a summer it has been; no one could have predicted we would be in the position we are in, this upcoming school year.  I want to personally thank you for the countless hours of time, both of you have put in for the good of all PASS members.  Professionalism and collaboration are key characteristics of great leadership.  You both should be commended for your professionalism and collaboration, as you continue to advocate and represent all members of the PASS union.  That is a daunting task, but no two better people to represent the PASS union, than the two of you.  Your members should be very proud.  
The 2020-2021 school year will start with remote learning.  Unlike the remote setting of the 19-20 school year, there will be a very active role by all categories of PASS employees, which include daily expectations.  We recognize the daily expectations look different across all categories of employees.  I do not want this interpreted that we don’t “care about the employees who are working in the building”.  (Yes, that has been said.)  At the end of the day, it comes down to every employee is responsible to do the “essential functions” of the job.  Please do not have the misconception that the people working from home are not working.  There is definite accountability to ensure they are doing the necessary tasks to complete their job duties.  There are just some category of employees that it is just not possible to do the essential functions of the job from home.  We have safety measures in place for the employees who are working out of the building.  See the link below for the document related to safety measures.  
  District 202 Covid Return to School details 

The 20-21 school year will come with some “learning curves” as we start the training process for our PASS employees who are responsible to support teachers and students in a remote setting.  There will be extensive training for paraprofessionals, four topics to be exact, prior to working with our teachers and students.  There will be a laptop for each of the paraprofessionals in all of the buildings. These laptops will be checked out by a Para to be able to eventually work remotely from home, if needed. It is highly encouraged that staff work in the building.  I will take paraprofessionals for example; The first day of work for you, and all Paraprofessionals, is August 17th. The 17th and 18th are teacher institute days and there will be things for you to do. We will have online training for Google Classroom, Zoom, etc. This would also be a time to do GCN training. Your administrator in your building should have an agenda for you. This may include checking out your laptop, getting your swipe card/keys, collaborating with your teacher, etc. Your principal has been given the instructions that paraprofessionals are to be assigned as normal this year. This would include what building, classroom, teacher and/or student(s) you are assigned to. All paraprofessionals are expected to be working closely with their teachers to determine the best way to support your students remotely. This may entail pulling students into a separate zoom or google classroom for one on one support (ie., reading tests, reinforcing lessons, data collection, copying lessons for those who need paper copies, researching topics for teacher enhancement of lessons, etc.) just like you would normally do in a classroom. Not knowing what your “normal” day looks like, this would be where collaboration with your teacher and administrator will come in. We hope this collaboration with the teachers will make for a successful remote learning for all of our students. 
  Everyone is expected to start on the scheduled first day of work, as outlined on the specific work calendars located on the intranet.  The 20-21 calendar is being revised, however, it does not have any impact on when you are scheduled to start work.  As noted above, the work will be in the building.  
  The time has come for PASS employees to start contacting the building administration.  Please encourage all the PASS members to start working with their building administration, if they have unique circumstances they need to be aware of, to see if there is any flexibility with the schedule. If you have child care issues and are not able to work in a building, please reach out to Becky Sipes and she can guide you through the process. 
  Again, thank you for all the hard work and countless hours of work you both have put forth, in the last few months.  
  Jennifer Orlos 
Assistant Superintendent of Administration and Personnel 
Plainfield School District 202 
(815) 577-4061 
As stated above, PASS members are asked to work with their administrator in their building to determine if there is a flexible plan for working, whether it be in the building or remotely from home. If, after working with your administrator, you cannot come up with a flexible plan that enables you to do the essential function of your job, you will be asked to contact Rebecca Sipes to guide you through the process.   
Work Calendar/Work Statements 
The proposed amended calendar will go to the PPA Committee at the district for approval on August 12th. It does not change the starting date for any category of employee. It does, however, include August 24th through August 28th as a non-work week for 9-month employees. Because students are not starting until August 31st, we will be utilizing the 5 emergency days at the end of the year to make up for the late start. This will put the last day of school on June 4th
11 Month employees started July 20th 
10 Month employees start August 3rd 
9 Month employees start August 13th/17th/18th/19th depending on job title* 
*Please see your work calendar on the district portal or intranet for your start date. 
It is highly encouraged that PASS employees are working in their respective buildings.  
*If you have a medical condition with doctor verification that prevents you from working in a building, please reach out to Becky Sipes. I would also appreciate it if you would let me know as I can then reach out to Ann Bachman-McIntosh, our IEA Uniserv Director, and we can potentially come up with an ADA plan to make accommodations for you. You also may be able to take FMLA or unpaid leave. The district will work with individuals on a case by case basis. 
*If you have child care issues and your child’s school is closed to in-person learning, also reach out to Becky Sipes.  
Safety Committee 
The first meeting of the Safety Committee was held Monday, August 3rd. We discussed: 
* PPE for staff; all staff will receive one reusable mask from the district, ISBE should be sending another; face shields for nurses, BMLC and as needed for other special ed programs; specialty masks with clear areas for speech paths, ELL, hearing itinerants and students or staff who read lips.  
* Plexiglass partitions for classes with tables as opposed to desks, in main offices, dean’s offices, Attendance desk, Student Services, and Media Center 
* Cleaning of partitions and desks at night 
* Fogging parts of the building throughout the day (bathrooms) and at night and early morning (classrooms, common areas); spraying and wiping of touch points during the day in classrooms and common areas 
* Nurses PPE – KN95 masks, face shields, portable dividers, gloves, goggles 
* Protocols for when a staff or student exhibits symptoms; screening area, isolation room; contact tracing teams 
Together with APT and the district administration, we will continue to work collaboratively with all levels in the district.  
Category Tasks 
Below are lists of tasks put forward to the district that each category may be asked to perform during remote learning. Please remember that these are not set in stone and probably will change many times before we have a concrete plan for returning to work.  
Category A, B, C, D, K, M, N, Q, R, S – Secretary, Registrar, Bookkeeper, Media Clerk, Office Clerk, Copy Clerk, Maintenance, Grounds, Mail Courier 
The vast majority of employees in these categories will be working as normal. There may be slight adjustments to your tasks, but overall will be continuing as you always have. 
E, F – Nurses 
Your health services committee has been working with Mina Griffith and Christina Edwards to discuss the many, many changes in your jobs. More information to come. 
O, P, T – Custodian 
We do not anticipate custodian’s jobs being vastly different. Sanitation procedures will change, as will some cleaning tasks dependent on who will return to the buildings, be it staff only or students and staff.  
G, H, I – Regular Ed Paraprofessional, Special Ed Paraprofessional  
These employees will see the most change in tasks because of remote learning. We may have some paras in the buildings working directly with children, while other paras may be assigned to work in the buildings, on computers with remote learners. The district has agreed to train our paras for Zoom, Google Classroom, Castify, Boardmaker and/or other programs and will be dependent upon the grade level, teacher, and assignment you have. They may also be asked to sanitize desks and surfaces in a classroom, copy paper packets, distribute paper packets or manipulatives, research activities for teacher assigned lessons, have small groups of students in breakouts either in person or in a separate Zoom/Google room.  
J, L – Lunchroom Supervisor, Campus Monitor 
These categories may see their jobs looking quite different also. These categories may be asked to help out with lunch/breakfast distribution, sanitizing high touch points throughout the buildings, monitoring doors for who goes in or out, monitoring hallway directions, monitoring bathrooms, distribution of paper packets, and or computers, etc.  
Please remember that these are not set in stone and probably will change many times before we have a concrete plan for returning to work.  
As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to either me at jlclemanspass202@gmail.com or Bill Favero at pass2022017@gmail.com 
JoAnne Clemans
President, PASS
Special Ed. Paraprofessional
Plainfield Academy
23930 W. Lockport St.
Plainfield, IL 60544