7/23 Update

I know that many are anxious and concerned for their jobs in this uncertain time. We have been assured time and again by the district administration that they are not looking to RIF, furlough, or lay off PASS employees. We have never had a discussion of this nature with the district since the beginning of the shutdown and subsequent return to work for some of our employees. Staying flexible with our job duties will go a long way in retaining our jobs.

PASS met with district administration on Monday afternoon. We discussed tasks that all categories could do during remote learning. Many of these tasks can also be done with a potential hybrid return (if that is what is decided).

With the Board of Ed meeting voting down the remote only return plan on Monday night we need to change course yet again and be flexible in our job tasks. Please remember that these are not set in stone and probably will change many times before we have a concrete plan for returning to work. See below for category specific tasks discussed. 

We also met remotely with administration on Wednesday morning and continued to discuss safety procedures for our members. These discussions involve sanitation procedures, PPE, hand sanitizer, isolation rooms, drinking fountains, self-certification procedures, and training.

The agenda for the Closed Session Board of Ed meeting on Thursday, July 23rd is NOT negotiations for our jobs. The BoE asked the administration to come up with another plan. It is a closed session for the BoE and, district administration, and APT. As stated on the district email “No action will be taken”.

We will continue to work with the district to find the safest ways for our staff and students to come back to the buildings when that time comes. As such, together with APT and the district, we will be starting a Safety Committee to work collaboratively with all levels in the district. More information to come in the coming days. 

Category A, B, C, D, K, M, N, Q, R, S – Secretary, Registrar, Bookkeeper, Media Clerk, Office Clerk, Copy Clerk, Maintenance, Grounds, Mail Courier
The vast majority of employees in these categories will be working as normal. There may be slight adjustments to your tasks, but overall will be continuing as you always have.

E, F – Nurses
Nurses jobs will be very different. Your health services committee has been working with Mina Griffith and Christina Edwards to discuss the many, many changes in your jobs. More information to come.

O, P, T – Custodian
We do not anticipate custodians jobs being vastly different. Sanitation procedures will change, as will some cleaning tasks dependent on who will return to the buildings, be it staff only or students and staff. 

G, H, I – Regular Ed Paraprofessional, Special Ed Paraprofessional 
These employees will see the most change in tasks because of remote learning. Depending upon the return to school plan that is approved, we may have some paras in the buildings working directly with children, while some paras are working in the buildings on computers with remote learners. The district has agreed to training for our paras for Zoom, Google Classroom, Castify, Boardmaker and/or other programs and will be dependent upon the grade level, teacher, and assignment you have. They may also be asked to sanitize desks and surfaces in a classroom, copy paper packets, distribute paper packets or manipulatives, research activities for teacher assigned lessons, have small groups of students in breakouts either in person or in a separate Zoom/Google room. 

J, L – Lunchroom Supervisor, Campus Monitor
These categories may see their jobs looking quite different also. Depending upon the return to school plan approved, these categories may be asked to help out with lunch/breakfast distribution, sanitizing high touch points throughout the buildings, monitoring doors for who goes in or out, monitoring hallway directions, monitoring bathrooms, distribution of paper packets, and or computers, etc. 

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to either me at jlclemanspass202@gmail.com or Bill Favero at pass2022017@gmail.com

Sincerely,JoAnne Clemans

President, PASS

Special Ed. Paraprofessional

Plainfield Academy

23930 W. Lockport St.

Plainfield, IL 60544