6/19 Update

***New information is highlighted by asterisks.***


We hope everyone continues to stay healthy and safe. In these tumultuous times, we stand together and appreciate all of our PASS employees. The district administration has noticed PASS’s ability to be flexible during this time and appreciates the willingness to of everyone to do what needs to be done. Please know that PASS continues working closely with the district administration on a weekly basis to discuss issues and collaboratively work together to move forward to provide the best possible education to our students. While some of you may not be directly involved in the teaching of our students, please know that it takes all of us to have a positive place for our students to come to. Without you, our district would not run as smoothly as it does.


All PASS members will continue to be paid their normal pay and keep their benefits through their normal pay period for the 2019-2020 school year. Some people are paid July 1 through June 30, and some are paid August 20something through the following August 20something or some variation. Everyone will continue getting paid as if we worked the whole school year and are coming back in the fall. Unless someone retires, resigns, or goes on FMLA when they are required to come back. 



***New Information This Week***




High school athletes will begin conditioning camps the week of June 22nd, Monday-Thursday. These camps will be outside only and may be utilizing weights or other small equipment from the school. It will be the job of the coaches to clean and sanitize any equipment used.


During the next phase, IDPH has said up to 50 athletes may condition together. This may involve the workout rooms which will have to be cleaned nightly. We will have further discussions on what this might look like for our custodians as the changes are implemented.***


9-month employees Parapro, Lunchroom Supervisor, Campus Monitor etc.) All employees have a right to apply for unemployment.  IDES will make the conclusion if you are eligible or not. 

Please see previous emails for more information.




This applies to 12 month PASS members only:

12 month PASS members will be allowed to rollover  10 days only of their unused vacation for the 2019-2020 school year.  Any additional days beyond the 10 carryover vacation days must be used prior to June 30, 2020  or you will lose them.

·         If you have 1-5 vacation days as of June 30th, those days will be rolled over into 5 sick days.  (Already per the PASS contract)

·         If you have 6-10 days as of June 30th – 5 days will be rolled over into sick days and the remaining days will stay vacation days to be used between September 1- December 1.  If you do not use the remaining vacation days by December 1, 2020 – you will lose them.


2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR

Category Committee

Currently the district is focusing on remote learning plans with APT, as option 2 or 3 as previously stated last week, would involve some level of remote learning. In anticipation of the different scenarios that school may start in the fall, we are forming Category Committees.


***On June 22nd, PASS leadership will be meeting remotely with APT and district administration to begin more in-depth discussion regarding the 2020-2021 school year. Our goal, as always, is to advocate for PASS. This meeting will consist of leaders from APT, PASS category leaders, Mina Griffith, Asst. Superintendent for Student Services and Jennifer Orlos, Asst. Superintendent for Administration and Personnel. Our category committees have come up with some great information to share with the district for ways in which we can be flexible in our jobs to support our students in whatever way we return to school in the fall.


We will be sharing information from that meeting in next week’s update.***



Staff members who are diagnosed with Coronavirus should not report to work and should follow the direction of their physician.

Staff members who are diagnosed must contact Becky Sipes at RSipes@psd202.org or (815)577- 4090

In the case of a building having an employee who tests positive for COVID-19, the building will be closed for a number of days from the last day the infected person was in the building. Those working in the building will be paid for the duration of the closure with no deduction of sick/personal/vacation days. After the determined days, the building will be opened for employees to return to work.


You will receive an email through district email containing either a direct contact or indirect contact letter from your principal or supervisor letting you know there was a positive case in your building. For more detailed information, please see our email from May 22, 2020.


The district sent out an email outlining the COVID-19 Screening Checklist. Please follow the checklist each day before coming to work. If you are feeling ill, please stay home. If there is a positive case of COVID-19 in your building, the following procedure will be followed by the district.

COVID-19 Self Screening Checklist

Beginning Monday, May 18, 2020, all District 202 staff will be required to complete a COVID-19 self- screening checklist prior to entering any District 202 building. The list does not need to be submitted to anyone; it should be used as guidance for all employees to determine if they should report to work. Please make sure to review the checklist every day before entering any District building.

The COVID-19 screening checklist will be sent to all staff. It can also be found on the Intranet under Employee News > COVID-19 Information for District 202 Staff.

For more information about Community-Related Exposure to COVID-19, please go to the CDC website at


Custodians, Maintenance, and Grounds

The summer work schedule has been put out by the district. Starting June 1, everyone in categories M, N, O, P, Q, R, and T transitioned to four-day work weeks.


In order to ensure the safety and health of all, the following procedures, recommended by the CDC, must be strictly adhered to. 


They are as follows: 

  • PPE is to be used. This includes gloves and masks 
  • A safe distance of no closer than six (6) feet must be maintained between all personnel. If this is not possible, a mask must be worn.
  • Only Two people are to be in a classroom, restroom, or any other area at one time. The only exception to this is wide open areas such as hallways, gymnasiums, and offices, where proper separation can be maintained 
  • During any breaks, including lunch, you are not to congregate in one area together. You will need to be properly separated with a minimum of six (6) feet between each other, with no more than 2 people per table. 
  • If you feel ill or have a fever, do not report to work, and make sure to notify your supervisor immediately.  
  • Cover any coughs or sneezes 
  • Wash and/or sanitize hands frequently especially before eating, after coughing or sneezing, and when changing gloves 
  • Refrain from touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth as this is the way that the virus is transmitted. 


    By adhering to these guidelines, we can help assure that all of us will remain safe and healthy. 


Please let us know the questions you have and continue to keep us in the loop of your thoughts as this is the best way for us to address items with the district.


If you have any questions, please email JoAnne Clemans (jclemans@psd202.org; jlclemanspass202@gmail.com) or Bill Favero (wfavero@psd202.org; pass2022017@gmail.com)

JoAnne Clemans

President, PASS

Special Ed. Paraprofessional

Plainfield Academy

23930 W. Lockport St.

Plainfield, IL 60544