5/8 Update

  Sorry but this is another long one. Lots of info to share or remind you about.  

We hope everyone is healthy and safe in week eight of the mandated school closure. We are all in this together, trying to figure things out in these unprecedented times. Please know that PASS is still working closely with the district administration on a weekly basis to coordinate essential tasks and the safest way to get work done.


The Governor’s office has closed schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, has extended the stay at home order through May 30th, and now has mandated that everyone wear a mask while in a building where it’s not possible to maintain 6 feet of distance. While the buildings do have some masks, we are asking employees who have to come into a building to do work, to provide their own masks if possible. Please be assured that all members in the categories returning to the buildings will be following the guidelines from the Governor’s Office and the IDPH.  


All PASS members will continue to be paid their normal pay and keep their benefits through their normal pay period for the 2019-2020 school year. Some people are paid July 1 through June 30, and some are paid August 20something through the following August 20something or some variation. Everyone will continue getting paid as if we worked the whole school year and are coming back in the fall. Unless someone retires, resigns, or goes on FMLA when they are required to come back. 


All Categories – Please be mindful of the fact that you are getting paid and if you are asked to either do work from home or come in to work, you are required to work.



Below is the email which was sent out regarding Vacation Days for our 12-month employees. The April 1st deadline has been waived this year. Please schedule your vacation days as soon as possible, keeping in mind that buildings still need to function and only so many people per building can be off at any given time.


For clarification, this plan was created by looking at the number of vacation days employees will have on June 30th, specifically looking at employees who have more than 10 days. We are asking those with more than 10 days to put in a vacation request for the excess to be taken in May and June 2020 (Ex. If I am the employee with 17 vacation days, schedule 3 days in May and 4 days in June). **Please do this as soon as possible. Depending on already scheduled vacation requests, the original requests may not be approved.  If not approved the employee would have to put in a second vacation request. Even though the April 1st deadline for summer vacation requests has passed, there will be flexibility in approving vacation requests. The employees who are at 10 days or below, may also put in a vacation day or two, between now and June 30th. Depending on the number of vacation day requests already approved, your request might be denied as the District needs a certain number of employees to do the necessary work over the summer, in various locations.   


Any employee who has more than 5 vacation days carried over on July 1st, as noted, 5 days will be turned into sick days and the remaining days will stay vacation days.  These days will be added to your vacation total on Sept. 1st to be used by Dec. 1st, otherwise they will be lost.  (Ex. If I have 8 vacation days on July 1st, 5 days will turn into sick and 3 days will be added to my vacation day total on Sept. 1st, to be used by Dec 1st.)

 This email applies to 12 month PASS members only:
12 month PASS members will be allowed to extend 10 days only of their unused vacation for the 2019-2020 school year based on the guidelines below:

Everyone can only have at most 10 vacation days remaining, as of June 30th.  People who currently have more than 10 days, will have to take the excess vacation days in May and June.

  1. Anyone who has 1- 5 vacation days as of June 30th, those days will be rolled over into 5 sick days.  (Already per the contract for PASS)
  2. Anyone who has 6-10 days as of June 30th – these 5 days will stay vacation days.  They have to use these days between Sept. 1 – Dec. 1st.

If you are eligible to carryover unused vacation days to be used by December 1, 2020 and do not use them, you will LOSE them.



As per the email below, the district will be doing the 2020 ESY (Extended School Year – i.e. Summer School) remotely and will not be hiring any PASS employees. This will include Sped. Paraprofessionals and Secretary. 


Joanne and Bill,


The purpose of this email is to inform you ESY will be done remotely from home.  As a result, we will not be utilizing any PASS employees to support the ESY program this summer.  


Thank you,



Jennifer Orlos

Plainfield School District 202

Director of Administration and Personnel


2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR

Many are asking about the 2020-2021 school year. At this point we do not have any answers on how this will look. The district is keeping up with all directives from the Governor’s office. As you are aware, guidance from the state changes on a week to week, or even day to day basis. Please be assured we are continuing to work with the district for PASS. At this point the district is focusing on getting through the end of this school year. As you can imagine there are many moving parts and as we wrap up the end of year tasks, we are working to get things done in the safest manner, adhering to the state guidelines for social distancing. As the stay at home and/or the reopening tier system is implemented, we will be able to help make better decisions on how the fall might look.


Please let us know the questions you have and continue to keep us in the loop of your thoughts as this is the best way for us to address items with the district.


As we move forward, additional categories will be asked to do essential work. These categories may be Secretary A, B, and C; Category D; Category K. Your administrator from your building may be reaching out to you with essential tasks to be completed. 


All Categories – Please be mindful of the fact that you are getting paid and if you are asked to either do work from home or come in to work, you are required to work.



We still have the same groups of members doing “essential” work in the district. As a reminder they are:


Registrars – Registrars have been working from home (and occasionally at the buildings) on essential tasks related to registration packets, transcripts, graduation verifications, residency.

Athletic Secretaries – Athletic secretaries working on financial items as necessary, athletic awards, charter buses

Nurses – Organize the medication to be distributed the on May 11th and May 12th to families. Complete required end-of-year tasks per District or State nursing guidelines by May 20th.Week of May 18th, organize and box the health records of students who are transitioning to a new level (EC to Kdg, 5th grade to 6th grade, 8th grade to 9th grade, 9th to P-Step, etc.) An email has been sent to the nurses with directives.

Maintenance and Custodians will begin to work full time May 4th. A schedule has been sent out by Paul Gonzalez. Summer cleaning should begin on May 26th.

Principal Secretaries and Bookkeepers were asked to work from home to do the financial reconciliations that are due. 

Special Ed Secretaries working from home and in buildings as necessary.

BSN-RN Nurses for Medical Review – doing “essential” work. 

Custodians in each high school to clean after Aramark finishes making the free lunches for distribution.

Maintenance were at the buildings doing “essential” work to maintain the buildings, although some of that was delayed due to the cold weather we have been experiencing. 

Grounds have been out mowing to keep the exteriors maintained.

Administrators from each building have coordinated locker clean out. Please check with your administrator for details. If you have not heard from your administrator, please feel free to reach out to them.


Sped Parapros. No paraprofessionals are required to work during this time unless their assistance is needed.  Teachers and admin should determine IF there is a way they can assist during the next few weeks.  Assistance can also be with tasks beyond Remote Learning, such as end of the year procedures. We will not be checking out computers tour paraprofessionals at this time, so if they want to assist, it will need to be within their ability to participate. 


If you have any questions, please email JoAnne Clemans (jclemans@psd202.org;jlclemanspass202@gmail.com) or Bill Favero (wfavero@psd202.org;pass2022017@gmail.com)

 JoAnne Clemans

President, PASS

Special Ed. Paraprofessional

Plainfield Academy

23930 W. Lockport St.

Plainfield, IL 60544