4/17 Update

  We hope everyone is healthy and safe in week four of the mandated school closure. Please know that PASS is still working closely with the district administration on a weekly basis to coordinate essential tasks and the safest way to get work done. Below is the latest info about the school closure. 
  There is NO new information to share this week. We are still waiting on the Governor’s office for any modification to the school closure order. We still have the same groups of members doing “essential” work in the district. As a reminder they are:
  Grounds to do building checks, Custodians in each high school to clean after Aramark finishes making the free lunches for distribution, and Maintenance on call to fix problems found during that time. 
  Principal Secretaries and Bookkeepers were asked to work from home to do the financial reconciliations that are due. BSN-RN Nurses for Medical Review also started doing “essential” work with the start of remote learning. Head Custodians at all the schools did come in on a reduced schedule to do complete building checks this past week. Maintenance and Grounds were at the buildings doing “essential” work to maintain the buildings, although some of that was delayed due to the cold weather we have been experiencing. That work is now expected to be continued the week of the 27thafter the “essential” work that is to be done this coming week of the 20th
   We do know that all Custodians will be returning the week of April 27th  on reduced schedules to do work that is deemed “essential”. Please be assured that all members in the categories returning to the buildings will be following the guidelines from the Governor’s Office and the IDPH.
   As of today, no other categories have been asked to begin to do “essential” jobs. When we get more information we will continue to share it with everyone. Also we will all continue to be paid and all benefits will be in force during the school closure orders.
    If any of you have any questions about this please contact JoAnne Clemans or Bill Favero and we can share with you the information for your category.