4/2 Update

Good Afternoon PASS Members,
I hope everyone is safe and healthy, during this time of uncertainty.  This email comes to you on behalf of the entire Administration and Personnel Department, Building and Operation Department and PASS Union Leadership.

Since District 202 schools are closed through April 30th, starting the week of April 6th and thereafter, we will be scheduling specific categories of employees to report to work and complete “essential tasks”.  These essential tasks will evolve with time, until we are cleared to report back to work.  For example, next week it may only be the HS Head custodians cleaning the areas where food is being made for our students, or a grounds workers may be doing building checks.  In addition, next week  the building secretaries and bookkeepers will be  doing “essential work” related to their job.  

It is imperative you are checking your email daily.  Communication will be given through email, regarding tasks that need to be complete on a weekly basis.  

We will give as much advance notice, as we can, but is a very fluid and ever changing situation.  The ideal option is to do any of the work remotely from home.  If the “essential work” cannot be done remotely from home and you have to report to the building, we will be following CDC guidelines.  This means we will make sure the working environment is not more than 10 people, with 6 feet of separation between each person.   
Please understand we are in this together and these uncertain times are very stressful on all of us.  Please be assured compensation is being paid in full, benefits will continue and seniority will continue to accrue during this state mandated shutdown, with no overtime or time and a half, unless approved. As things evolve going forward and more employees are called in to do “essential” work, this may change due to FMLA status if someone is sick, or needs to care for someone who is sick and will be on a case by case basis. We will be following the state rules for COVID-19 sick leave. 

Take care

Jennifer Orlos
Plainfield School District 202
Director of Administration and Personnel