Newest Update on Shutdown

To all Members:
Please pass this information on to any members you know who may not get this Update!!! As we have reported earlier everyone is expected to report to work on Monday 3-16-20. On Tuesday, because of the no school session day with regards to election day already being scheduled the only members who are expected to report on that day are:

  • Secretary to the Principal
  • Secretary to the Assistant Principal-MS, Registrar
  • Secretary for the Athletic Office-HS
  • Bookkeeper II-HS
  • Custodial
  • Maintenance
  • Grounds

Here is the latest information we have received from the District regarding the mandated School Closure:

Q and A for PASS

** This is a very fluid situation, please see the district website for the most up to date information.  All PASS employees will be paid their regular pay during the shutdown.  The shutdown will have no impact on employee benefits.





Vacation/sick/personal days that were previously scheduled for 12 month employees during the shutdown – will these days be deducted from their accrued time?  No, Becky and Lyra will be clearing the system with no loss of vacation, sick, or personal time.


Lunch at the High Schools – Who will be cleaning? If a PASS employee is asked to come in to work that will they be paid overtime?  Yes, OT procedures for PASS will be followed from March 18 – March 30.


If a custodian has to come in for election day, will they be paid overtime?  No, Tuesday March 17this a regular 12 month PASS working day.


Maintenance and Grounds – they have a rotation to check on the buildings to make sure everything is functioning properly. Will they be paid overtime for this?  Yes, from March 18 – March 30.


Maintenance – if something does break in one of the buildings during the shutdown, will they be paid overtime to come in and work?  Yes


Are all benefits (seniority, sick day, vacation, insurance, etc) in tact during the shutdown?  Yes, there will be no impact to any of these items, during this period of time.


Stipends for Paraprofessionals – does this stay intact for this semester? Yes


Will employees be given access to the building during this time?  No, “ALL” employees are not allowed in the building during the shutdown, unless they have been called in to work OT.


The above information is for March 18th– March 30th.  **Please note, if the buildings are allowed to open, after March 30th, all 12 month PASS employees who were previously scheduled to work over Spring Break per their work calendar will have to report to work on March 31st – April 2nd(spring break), unless they have been approved for a vacation, sick or personal day.