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Can You Say No to These Women? 
Over the past year, a lot of educators in rural Prescott Valley, Arizona, have said yes to Amy Bowser and her growing team of site leaders. Their association increased membership by 1,000 percent in one year. How did they do it? By starting with the belief that more for students is possible when educators get together and demand it.
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homeless student number at all-time high
How Many Homeless Students Are You Teaching?
The number of students who have experienced homelessness during the last three school years has risen to a record high of 1.5 million – a 15 percent increase since 2015-16.
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Debbie Reyes
Texas ESPs Win Pay Bump, Fight for Living Wage Continues
Paraeducators win an across-the-board pay increase, but education support professionals still struggle to pay for basic living expenses.
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Census teaching resources
Unlocking the Lessons of the Census (and Get a Free Poster!)
Introduce statistics and teach students to evaluate information with educator-crafted exercises.
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Diane Ravitch Slaying Goliath
Educators and Students Have Privatizers on the Run
A new book celebrates the growing rebellion of educators, parents, and community members who are fighting for students and educators—and winning against the profit-minded “Goliaths” out to disrupt our schools.
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Celebrate Read Across America
Join Our Celebration of Diverse Readers
Looking for books that highlight diversity, social justice, and empathy for Read Across America Day? We have a calendar of books, curated by educators, for every grade level, plus event ideas, read-aloud videos, and more.
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Lesson Planner: Resources for Teaching about Women’s History Month in Your Classroom.