What’s New/Committee Update

Safety Committee Update


We are pleased to share with all of you the progress being made with the District from our collaborative efforts to make our workplace a safer place for all. Since it’s inception after our 2016 contract the cooperation between the District and PASS has lead to many improvements.

Starting with the original team of past president Marty Paczkowski along with Bill Favero and continuing with the current team of Bill and Damian Bolognani, we have worked with Rick Engstrom and Paul Gonzalez from the District administration along with IPMG to develop and implement training programs and safety improvements to keep us safer while working.

Some of our accomplishments are:

  • Slips, Trips and Falls safety poster reminders
  • Training for correct lifting techniques and ladder safety
  • Updated equipment for custodial, maintenance and grounds personnel
  • Lidded garbage cans for members that have to deal with diaper disposal
  • Developed and communicated procedure for dealing with lice incidents
  • Eye wash testing procedure developed and shared
  • Working on policy for how to handle employees being alone in buildings during the summer
  • No slip treads on stairs at Ina Brixley and phone service booster also for emergencies
  • Replacement of aluminum ladders throughout the district with fiberglass models
  • Training and certifications for 2 man lifts, hoist trucks and bucket truck
  • Low profile dumpsters to help prevent back injuries
  • Gators purchased to help in snow removal and salt spreading
  • Disposal of hazardous materials from science labs at high schools



In addition to these items we have had various trainings also. These, the District and PASS believe, have resulted in a drastic reduction in worker’s comp injuries in the district as seen in the chart above from the past 5 years. We are continuing to work with the District to make this a safer place for us all and will continue to ask for your concerns and contributions going forward.


Your Executive Board and Safety Committee