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National Education Association
Talking About Race
Why NEA Members are Talking About Racism, and You Should Too
Educators and community members are digging deeper into issues of race and bias to effect long-term cultural change. Will you join them?
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Teacher experiencing stress
‘I Didn’t Know It Had a Name’: Secondary Traumatic Stress and Educators
Good educators care about their students — but that dedication can come with a price.
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ESP Debbie Reyes
Every Educator Deserves a Living Wage
And Debbie Reyes is going to fight until she and her fellow ESPs get the respect, dignity, and compensation they deserve.
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mentor teacher
It’s Time to Visit the New Educator Down the Hall
This Halloween, your new colleagues are facing a scary reality: working in education is tough! So take them some treats and let them know they can do this.
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student in school cafeteria
Just Let the Kids Eat!
Laws to end “lunch shaming” in school cafeterias are a positive trend. But a proposed change to SNAP benefits leaves more kids at risk of going hungry.
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Little Rock Protests
Little Rock Educators Fight for Equity and Local Control
After massive protests by educators, the state board has backed away from a plan that would create “separate and unequal” districts.
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