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One week ago, ten of the 2020 presidential candidates took the debate stage in Houston. It was the third democratic presidential debate, and the first time there was a conversation about public education.

We know that 15 minutes from a televised debate stage is not nearly enough time to discuss all of the issues that matter most to educators and the future of public education. That’s why we’ve created the Strong Public Schools Candidate Comparison tool so you can see exactly where each of the presidential candidates stand on core public education issues.

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NEA launched the Strong Public Schools campaign to provide educators and their communities with information and insight into the 2020 presidential candidates. Now, with the help of our Candidate Comparison tool, you can see every single candidate’s position on the issues that matter to you, like education funding, class size, early childhood education, and voucher programs.

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Carrie Pugh
Senior Political Director
National Education Association