Letter from Lily

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Dear Member,

Did you watch the presidential debates? We saw how twenty (20!!) candidates vying for our nation’s highest office would tackle some of the most pressing issues we face right now—the cost of health care, climate change, voting rights, and systemic racism.

We even heard about the high cost of higher education and keeping schools safe from gun violence.

But there are so many issues affecting educators and students that they didn’t address.

So, what issues do you think the presidential candidates should talk about most? Submit your question right now.

In the coming months, I’m sitting down with many of the 2020 candidates and putting them on the record on a whole host of issues—funding Title I and IDEA, closing the educator pay gap, racial segregation in schools, protecting Dreamers, (not) arming teachers…you name it.

We are gathering questions to ask the presidential candidates from you, NEA’s members. We want them to see our nation’s educators and hear firsthand what’s at the top of their concerns.

So, as an educator, what issues are you concerned about that the next president must address?

Help us draw attention to the challenges facing public education by telling us what matters most to you, your students, and your community. Submit your questions to ask the presidential candidates right now.

With so many people running, we want to make sure you are able to see the differences to best make up your mind.

In solidarity,

Lily Eskelsen García
National Education Association