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LGBTQ educators share their stories

‘We Need to Make it Better Now.’

To mark the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, NEA invited six educators to share the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of being LGBTQ+ in the classroom.


Need a Substitute? Get Out Your Checkbook.

When a teacher battling cancer had to pay for her own substitute, parents were outraged. But the problem is much bigger than that.



Punished for Speaking Up for Her Students.

“Now my union is speaking for me,” says counselor Kris Bertsch-Rydell.


whole child

The Whole Child Approach Gains Momentum.

Meeting the needs of the whole child requires every educator and an integrated approach to include social, emotional, and academic learning. And the federal government wants to help to the tune of $260 million.


pay it forward

Every Day, Educators Pay it Forward. Now it’s Your Turn.

Watch our latest video, showing the millions of payments you make every day, and the reasons you should be paid more.


school closings

Is Racism the Reason Behind School Closures?

The justifications often used to shut down schools ignore the voices of black parents and students—and traumatize students and communities.


5 things to do over the summer

Five Things Educators Can Do Over the Summer.

Number 1: Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about having this time.


Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By Teachers, For Teachers

How to Recover After a School Crisis

Join us Thursday, June 13, online at 8 p.m. to learn strategies for talking to students about violent tragedies, as well as preventing school violence and information for school communities who experience ongoing trauma in violent neighborhoods or environmental stressors. Sign up for this free webinar here.