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Why We Stay

Why We Stay: What Motivates Educators To Step Into (and Remain) in the Classroom

We give a lot of attention to why so many educators leave the profession. Time to talk about those who stay.

The Four-Day School Week

Are Four-Day School Weeks Worth It?

Still a predominantly rural trend, four-day school weeks are now inching closer to cities and suburbs.


2019 ESP of the Year
                                          Matthew Powell

This Custodian Can Do It All

He thinks in dos rather than don???ts. Find out why Matthew Powell??is the 2019 Education Support Professional of the Year.??


Betsy DeVos and her no
                                          good, very bad record on
                                          public education

Betsy DeVos and Her No Good, Very Bad Record on Public Education

Our timeline chronicles the actions of an education secretary working to wreck??public schools.


Educators Look to End the
                                          Big Corporate Tax Giveaway

How Corporate Subsidies Cost Schools $1.8 Billion Last Year

Educators and their unions say it???s time to stop giving this money away.


A Community School Wraps
                                          its Arms Around a School

Hungry Students Can???t Learn. These Schools Can Help.

???There is no end to what educators want to give, but in a community school, the silos are removed and helping meet students??? needs is more streamlined and sustainable.???


Students go to Capitol

When a Lesson Becomes a Law??

Inspired by unsolved civil-rights murders, students in New Jersey take their case to Capitol Hill.


The Reimagined Classroom

Reimagine Your??Classroom

Here???s how some educators are modifying their instruction and reshaping??their spaces to meet 21st century student needs.


Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By
                                Teachers, For Teachers

Reviewing for Tests with 5-Minute Diagrams

Use this game for a quick, non-threatening, and fun way to review for tests. It doesn???t require any preparation or grading and can be easily adapted for almost any grade level or??subject matter.??Learn how.