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Here's what happens when
                                          schools start later

Here’s What Happens When School Starts Later

The switch to a later start time can be challenging, but there is a reason why more school districts are taking this big step.

The failure of merit pay

Educators Drive Another Nail in the Merit Pay Coffin

Forget bait and switch bonuses: educators and students deserve a fair, transparent, and professional salary schedule that delivers stability to their classrooms.


we need more school

How Does Only One Nurse Keep 1,750 Students Healthy and Safe?

The “nerve-wracking” school nurse shortage is one of the reasons why 3,000 members of the Oakland Education Association went on strike.


RAA 2019 event

Anyone Can Be a Mermaid

NEA’s Read Across America Event celebrates diverse literature, where students see themselves as the heroes, while also seeing that all kinds of people can be the heroes too.


teach-in at the border

Why is the National Teacher of the Year at the Border?

Roughly 15,000 immigrant children are being held in federal detention centers — apart from their parents — and these NEA members say it must stop.



Engagement starts with
                                          getting students to care

How To Get Students to Care

What’s the best way to connect students to the material? Ensure learning is meaningful.



Thinking About Becoming a Blogger? It’s Not Too Late to Start.


ICYMI: Get the Recording of our Adult Workplace Bullying Webinar and Learn Strategies to Identify and Address Bullying Behaviors.



Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By
                                Teachers, For Teachers

Learn How to Create a Trauma-Informed School

Register for our next free webinar on March 14 at 8 p.m. EST to understand how trauma can affect student behaviors and responses within the school context. While you may not be able to reverse the effects of childhood trauma, you can learn techniques on how to help your students overcome them. We’ll cover tactics you can use to reduce the stress of standardized tests, how to frame questions to produce less anxiety, and discover ways we can build better relationships with our students. Sign up now.